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WELCOME! ParentReadingCoach™ is informed by an evidence-based approach that provide the early literacy foundation skills and guidance for parents, caregivers, and teachers/tutors to teach students how to read. It is a series of 8 levels and is targeted for parents and caregivers vested in working with their children/students on early literacy skills. The training videos and practice modules provide a structure and scope and sequence for students, parents and caregivers.

The Building Blocks Toward Reading

  • Level 1

    Introduction and association of b, f, h, j, k, m, p, and t with sounds

  • Level 2

    Introduction of short “a” and short “i” and blending with b, f, h, j, k,

  • Level 3

    Joining of beginning and end consonants with short vowels (a, i). Introduction

  • Level 4

    Association of blends (bl, fl….) with sounds and blending with short vowels

  • Level 5

    Association of digraphs (ch, sh…..) with sounds and blending with short vowels

  • Level 6

    Silent E Rule

  • Level 7

    Introduction of Vowel Reference Card, association of vowels with sounds, and joi

  • Level 8

    Multi-Syllable Words

methods of teaching

By putting the knowledge and tools, through virtual platforms, directly into the hands of parents and caregivers we ensure every student has what they need to build the foundations of literacy and math. The use of a Virtual Platform ensures fidelity to the learning process thereby allowing parents and teachers to serve as facilitators instead of learning through trial and error.